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Frequently asked questions

How many bartenders will i need?


We use the industry standard of 1 bartender for every 60-75 guests.  Please note that if you hire less bartenders than recommended the level of service will suffer and your guests will have a bad experience at your event.

What is the cost?


There are different variables that affect the rate.  Please submit a questionnaire to receive a quote HERE.  

Is gratuity included? 

No.  Gratuity in the service industry is never expected but always appreciated.  If you think we did an awesome job we will gratefully accept your or your guest gratuity.  The industry standard for the bar is $2-3 per guest.

How much alcohol will I need?

We have a combined 15 years of experience in the business.  We understand that our clients don't normally plan for big parties but we do it all the time.  ALL of our services include a FREE BEVERAGE CONSULTATION that includes a shopping list for your bar.  Once you receive all RSVPs, contact us and we will run the numbers for your bar.

When do I receive the Shopping list for the bar?

It's advised to wait until you have  RSVPs back.  That will give us a better idea to calculate the quantities needed for your event. 

Kegs vs Bottled beer?

There are cons and pros to both.  Most people think kegs ares the best way to go but here are some things to consider before making a decision.



  • convenience

  • easy to manage

  • less handling time.


  • They are messy (water and/or beer spills are common.)

  • requires a deposit when bought.

  • requires renting a keg tab

  • have to return the keg, empty or not, the following day.

  • only have one beer for the event

  • the only beer in the event may be a bad, flat beer (happens more often than one would think).

Bottled Beer:


  • Option to have variety of beers at your event

  • easy to service

  • most stores will buy back unopened cases of beer.

  • fresh, cold beer every time.

  • you can keep any left over beer until you consume it. No need to waste good beer that you paid for. 


  • requires more man power and space to transport. 

  • having to make time to go back to the store and selling back unopened cases of beer.

Price wise, a keg holds 162-12oz servings of beer.  A keg of a domestic beer's price is about $120 not including deposits or tab rental fees.   On the other hand, 7 cases of domestic beer (168 bottles of beer) costs about $140 and you have the opportunity to keep any left over beer or return unopened cases and get some money back. 

Do I have to clean the bar area at the end of the night?

Absolutely not, we will not leave until the bar area is clean.  We throw away all thrash in the bar area, clean the bar, pack up any left over alcohol and load it in your car.

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